FlyingProxy: Cloudflare Enterprise for a bargain

FlyingProxy is MASSIVE!

Some hosts offer Cloudflare Enterprise integration, like Servebolt*, Kinsta or
As you can see, those are usually premium offerings and have other pitfalls (besides Servebolt where the only “pitfall” is the high entry price, but at 35€/site it’s soooo worth that price).

But there is no doubt: Cloudflare Enterprise works like magic.
It caches your whole site (HTML, CSS, JS, Images) and delivers it from the edge-servers close to your visitors.

Now, you may think: Well, let me check the pricing and maybe sign up for CF Enterprise.
But no – you have to contact sales to get a price tag.
From what I’ve heard, around 6000$ is a starting point. That’s just hearsay, but I’m 100% positive that it’s a 4-figure price.

To my knowledge above mentioned hosts include this for free, Cloudways charges extra, 5$ per domain with cheaper bulk pricing, for 100GB of traffic.

Note before you read on: my opinion is that any Cloudflare product isn’t GDPR compliant at the moment, so proceed at your own discretion.

So what is FlyingProxy then?

You probably know FlyingPress*, the greatest caching plugin ever. Seriously.
You probably also know some of the other awesome FlyingPlugins like FlyingPages, FlyingImages, or FlyingScripts.

Well now the Author of those epic tools, Gijo Varghese, presents FlyingProxy, which is based on Cloudflare Enterprise.

But it’s not like the Cloudflare integration of above-mentioned hosting providers, this goes a few steps further!

You can even optimize assets like CSS and JS.
You can compress Images and conditionally deliver them in WebP format.
You can load Google Fonts from your own domain.
And as far as i know, Kinsta and Cloudways do does not offer Full Page Caching (HTML Cache).
Correction: Kinsta offers APO for free, kudos to Alex from UranusWP (the guys behind OlympusWP, Olympus Blocks and Zeus for Elementor).

All of this happens in the cloud, on the fly, your server does not have to do ANY work!

Displays the features seen on FlyingProxy Homepage

Can’t i get most of those features directly through Cloudflare?

Yes, you can.

For image optimization you at least need a pro plan of 20$ per month.
For bypassing cache based on cookies you need the business plan for 200$ per month.
And you’d need to add APO for 5$ per month extra.

And you still wouldn’t get all the features of FlyingProxy, like the Cloudflare Enterprise Network routing.

And here comes the bang:
FlyingProxy costs 10$ per month, for now, make sure to grandfather in!
Disclosure: there will be a fair use policy in place after the beta. For a rough figure, if your site generates more than 1TB of traffic or 1M page views per month, then you likely can not continue at the 10$ price point.
Those numbers are not set in stone (yet), but it is a rough figure of what to expect.

Pricing table as seen on FlyingProxy Homepage

How can i test FlyingProxy? How do i set up FlyingProxy?

Create an account, no credit card needed, and enjoy your 7-day free trial.

Setting up FlyingProxy is very easy:
Enter your server IP into your FlyingProxy dashboard.
Point your domain (either via CNAME or A Record) to the record that you’re told in your FlyingProxy Dashboard.
No changing nameservers required!

What results can i expect?

I recommend checking your global TTFB via SpeedVitals and KeyCDN Performance Test
Those two test your site’s TTFB from multiple locations.
Below you’ll find the results for this article.

You can of course also check your site with GTMetrix,, and PageSpeed Insights.
SpeedVitals also offers a global PageSpeed test!

Displays the results of the SpeedVitals batch test for this article

Link to the report

Displays the global TTFB from SpeedVitals TTFB test for this article
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